22 Oct 2007

youth, revisited

saw this film
made in the late 70's
set in New York
it follows the lives of teenagers
who join a performing arts schools
each one in search of Fame

as the stories intertwine
enter into each other
we are treated to
beautiful musical pieces
songs springing out of everyday situations
the students dancing in their lunch room
or in the streets

the director Alan Parker (Midnight Express, Mississippi Burning, The Wall)
is able to capture the energy of youth
their dreams
as they try to emerge as adults from the school
leaving behind their tortured childhoods

the city is another character
always there is a comment on the
different communities
that exist side by side
and yet wants to ignore the other

moving between the documentary camera
and fictional format
you are drawn into the stories
believing the characters
their pain and joy

watch this one
for it will surely remind you of college
you may recognize your friends
or yourself

it will remind you
how you were

wide eyed
and yet
ready to conquer the world

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