28 Oct 2007

the population of India has gone up by ...

... one more person

now that we have discovered that Bobby Jindal is an Indian

i really can't understand this phenomenon of the media or our leaders
whenever a person remotely connected to India does well abroad
we rush out to claim that he or she is one of our own

how did the "indian" background help
"Bobby" Jindal?
he is a Republican
is mostly on the opponent of issues
that people of indian origin in America support
he has never been to India and has no intention

before the elections "Bobby"
hung around churches
soliciting white votes
(ok something similar to politicians here)
as any conservative republican

how does any of this
have any thing to do with his Indian heritage?

while i can understand NRIs may have an devotion to India
"Bobby" Jindal is no NRI
he is a second generation indian
he is more American that Arnold Schwarzenegger
in fact he can stand for the presidential elections
while mr A cannot

that makes me think of an idea
let stop this fascintion for the indian "Bobby" Jindal
pretend that he has no india connection
ignore him till he reaches the highest office

then we can make him "re discover" his India roots
make him raise the H1B qoutas
flood the US of A
with gujjus,mallus,punjabis and gultis

then we can decorate him with some medals
till then ....

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Shyam said...

Well, NRIs have always suffered from a split personality in the US. Most of the educated ones seem to start off as Democrats because they seem to be more inclusive in their liberal views but then when the inclusiveness covers the "bloody gays", at least "more religious" ones move over a bit to the center. Eventually, once they are all settled and comfortable, they end up on the Republican side since typically, the NRIs earn a big chunk of change and the Republicans are always helpful with tax cuts. Plus, they are more open to globalization (so more H1B), etc. However, such an analysis is a bit skewed, since there has not really been a seriously left-leaning Democrat in the White House for nearly 3 decades (Bill Clinton being fairly pro-business and globalization). On the other hand, Bush has been so bad that I know a bunch of Greencard holders who had been happily living here for many, many years are now opting for citizenship just so that they can vote in the next election.