1 Nov 2007

another extension to find out what happened at Babri Masjid

the Liberhan Commission has been given extension No. 42
the commission has already spent 14 years (yes baby now we are old!)
to find out what actually happened on December 6th 1992

in contrast the Mandal Commission took only year to submit its findings
and see the impact it had on our society with journos running scared

i wonder what will happen when Justice Liberhan finishes his report...

maybe he should take a leaf from the
the Mukherjee Commission
which had to ascertain the following:
  1. Whether Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is dead or alive?
  2. If he is dead whether he died in the plane crash, as alleged?
  3. Whether the ashes in the Japanese temple are ashes of Netaji?
  4. Whether he has died in any other manner at any other place and, if so, when and how?
  5. If he is alive, in respect of his whereabouts.
and it took six years to come to this conclusion:
  1. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is dead (we were looking for a man who was 120 years old)
  2. He did not die in the plane crash, as alleged (the plan landed safely but Netaji ran away)
  3. The ashes in the Japanese temple are not of Netaji (we had them checked)
  4. In the absence of any clinching evidence a positive answer cannot be given (wow!)
  5. Answer already given above (such clarity)
Maybe the Liberhan report can come to the following conclusion:

1. There was no structure at the disputed site (formerly called Babri Masjid)
2. All tapes , photographs and video footage to the contrary may be destroyed
3. The footage shown by news channels at that time was a demolition drive by the MCD
4. The people who gathered had come for a mela
5. Since there was no structure no body needs to be penalized/arrested

let us all shake hands and promise to move onto the next communal riot...

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