6 Nov 2007

The general and his speech

Here is a hilarious account
of Musharraf's speech when he imposed Emergency

we know that dictators evoke all kinds
of images and words to justify their actions
but these are priceless :

"Hum se koi darta hi nahin (nobody is scared of us anymore)."

"Islamabad mein extremist bharay houay hain (Islamabad is full of extremists)."

"Hakumat ke andar hakumat bana rakhi hai (there is a government within government)."

"Har waqt bas court ke chakkar lagatey rehtay hain (officials are being asked to go to the courts every other day)."

"Officials ki beizzati kartay hain (officials are being insulted by the judiciary)."

read the full piece...

i was never a fan of the dictator like other dilliwalahs

he is a clever man who has managed to hoodwink

the Americans, Indians and the terrorists

but not any more

just check this interview where he ties himself into knots so many times

i just love the way he mixes urdu with english all the time

something our politicians can never seem to manage ...

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