4 Nov 2007

Wedding Season

just received a couple of wedding cards
one a punjabi
the other a the mallu nair one

its funny how people word the card
most cards have an invitation
from grandparents of the groom or the bride's father

but in nair weddings
it is often the grandmother from the mother's side
who send out the invitation
since they follow a matriarchal system

however over the years
living away from kerala
even their cards are trying to join the mainstream

now they include the grandparents from both sides
but once all the addresses are included
its hell of a job for the graphics guy
i mean there is so much text to grapple with

so much so that
in the mallu one i noticed that
the ॐ (om) has been shifted to one side
to accommodate the info
whereas in the punjabi one
the ॐ (om) occupies the central space
in fact it is repeated twice over

however as far as designs go
neither of them is a big deal
centrally aligned text
with uninspiring fonts
i could have done these on MS Word

the season has just begun
i hope to see better stuff later this winter

what is the most interesting wedding card you saw ?

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