16 Nov 2007

trust Ask Men

here is a list of classic clothing
that every man should posses

since formal clothing
is always something that i associate
with words like
i thought
why bother?

but seeing a white shirt on top of the list
i thought there was hope
(since i had bought one recently out of sheer boredom)

of course as i went down the list
i realized
the old saying:
the more things change, the more they remain the same

i had given up my blue jeans
some time back (too tight)
white t shirts
i do not own (what's the point, they turn pale cream in a couple washes)
the rest of the stuff
i never plan to buy
to save myself from an embarrassment in public
(no matching black shoes you see)

so i guess
this is one magazine
who is not going to put me on their list of men

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