17 Nov 2007

You have been bangalored

once in a while
the debate in most lifestyle magazines
centres around
which of the two cities is better to live in
Delhi or Mumbai
for a long time it was Mumbai
winning hands down
till recently when Delhi seems to have caught up

however Mint has a different take on this
it has cast its vote for Bangalore

i've always loved that city
the people are well behaved
and friendly
the city has grown
primarily because of the IT boom
and in the process attracted Indians from all corners of the world

i cannot think of any city
which has emerged after Independence
(apart from Chandigarh - but it is still too punjabi)
and over taken
traditional centres like Calcutta and Madras
as one of the best places too live in

if someone were returning to India
or settling down in this country
there are very few choices
Bangalore is on top of that list

now if some one were to do something about the traffic...

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