23 Mar 2008

The Reluctant Migrant

Got into a flight for Kochi and immediately a conversation as I sat on my seat.

"Are you going to Kochi?"

I nodded. The guy was clutching grey bad and was wearing a cap. (Inside the plane !)

"Do you stay there ? Are you working there?"

I shook my head.

"I am going to meet my parents."

A sigh of relief.

" I am going to Kerala for the first time. Have got a job. Government job."

He looked around. His voice dropped.

"What kind of a place is it? Will I get a cheap place to stay? Can they understand Hindi?"

"Where are you from ?"


I smiled.

"Why do you worry ? Its OK..."

"I am going for the first time. Outside my place. I don't know what kind of place will it be."

I gave up. This guy had a sarkari job and was shitting bricks about moving to a new place. What about those who migrate to the metros without any guarantee, no place to stay...

And these are the people that politicians warn are ruining the cities.

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