17 Apr 2008

Aamir's Real Name is

.... Samsung Mobile.

At least that is what the hoardings are screaming in Delhi. I am not joking. There is Aamir wearing a woolen cap folded with a mobile half hidden in the fold. I wish I had taken a photo but I was too busy laughing. I am Samsung Mobile. Imagine coming to party and saying - I am Samsung. Samsung Mobile.

Gone are the days when you had nicknames like Pappu Pager. Get yourself an upgrade. That's what Aamir did.

Seems like after Taare Zameen Par his stars went up into the sky but Aamir has fallen to to the depths. Nothing he does makes sense. First it was the torch thing. Now Samsung Mobile. For a guy who is so detailed and meticulous - how could he have agreed to such a campaign ? What next ? I am Diet Coke?

My question is - what is your caste sir? Mobile? Hmmm.... So you are not a South Indian?

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