17 Apr 2008

How to be a 100% dilliwalah (Suggestion No. 5)

Putting on your training shoes. And Run.

I am not talking about serious running like the Hutch marathon. I am talking about jogging a few metres for a CAUSE. HIV/AIDS, the environment, girl child... In fact today is the ideal day. The Olympic torch is town.

Of course a lot has been said why you should not run. Tibet. China's human rights record. But think about it - Aamir would be there and so would be Saif. And a host of cheer leaders promoting all kinds of products rights from coloured water to mobile phones. NDTV reports faithfully :

Out of 70 torchbearers, 47 have been chosen by IOA and five by the Chinese organisers of the Olympic Games, while Olympic partners Samsung, Lenovo and Coca Cola has selected 19 runners..

I know what you are thinking. There would be a long wait. And then there is the heat. But look at it this way. Many of the celebs have already dropped out. News channels would take a bite from any one. They are desperate. A new face would help salvage their story. This is your chance to launch your Page 3 career.

At the next party you can proudly say : I was there !

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Abhishek said...

'Torch' or 'Torcher' (torture) :)

So did u try your luck?