23 Apr 2008

How close is too close

With coming of coffee bars combined with the high premium on space very often you are sitting close to people while having your drink. I can remember a couple of interesting conversations I overheard in the last one year. But the point is that there is a line you never cross. You never get that close.

But how close is close? Well today I had a chance to think about that. Me and a friend were at the chai bar at the Oxford Bookstore sitting and having our exotic versions of tea while behind us a book launch had just concluded. We could hear animated conversations between an old lady (who claimed to be from Pakistan) a couple of girls who were part of the organizing team.

In trooped a young man who after trying out a couple of tables, decided to come and sit near us at a long table which was being shared by many other customers. Initially he was just interested at staring at the women behind us, although he was sitting too close to us almost leaning into our conversation. But since his head was turned away we did not bother. Then he began to fiddle with things on the table. First it was the sugar bowl, then it was my hat. That was it. I snatched away from him and gave him a stare.

So how close is too close for you?

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