24 Apr 2008

The U turns of Tehelka

I had commented earlier on a piece in Tehelka which had supported Aamir's point of view on the Olympic torch. The article had pointed out that there was no connection between the Olympic torch and the Tibetan struggle.

This week it seems that the same writer realized her mistake:

In a misjudged column in TEHELKA last week, this writer asserted the furore around the Olympic torch was a flash in the pan that would typically die out without lending the struggle any real momentum. But clearly, it has been a tactical masterstroke.

Well what can I say ? Is that true realization or just a habit that journalists cultivate? Yesterday she felt strongly about Aamir Khan. This week the flavour is Tibet.

In any case both the magazine and writer need to be complemented for admitting their mistake. Very rare in India for anyone to do that publicly.

But what does Aamir think of this whole issue? Has he decided to relook at his stand ? Or does his body run for China and heart still beat for Tibet?

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