28 May 2008

How to be a 100% dilliwalah (Suggestion No. 7)

Collect your garbage and throw it out.

Not on the main street. But inside your colony. The location needs to be chosen carefully. It has to inconvenience a lot of people. A couple parking spaces must be lost. For best results either keep the garbage for a week or get some work done on your house. The second option helps you collect a lot of solid material that will not disappear soon.

When asked about the garbage pretend that you have no clue. Agree with the neighbours that the person responsible should be punished. Of course everyone knows that since they all have done a similar thing in the past no action would be taken.

Choose the time appropriately. Early morning on Sundays are the best since no one is awake at that time. If the safai karamchaari sees you tip him but DO NOT let him clear the mess. After all its your mess and you have a right to display it.

Many days later it would have blended into the background. Then you can be proud that you too have contributed to colony landscape.

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