26 May 2008

the way things were (or so i think)

last week while hurtling down the steps on one errand or the other i chanced upon a couple of kids playing hide and seek so some 21st century version of it and suddenly remembered doing the same in another time zone

it seemed like i froze and the camera did a 360 degree on me and i was thrown back

let me explain

the place where i stay has many (faded) yellow coloured flats with nooks and corners where one can run into and hide and evening time this is the place where most of the young kids (7-13) play and you can hear the loud screams and laughter in your house several feet above

so what did i remember when i passed them one innocent evening? did i see myself many years back doing the same thing? did i miss that? or regret anything? in any case why did i freeze? or why this urge to write about an incident that hardly lasted 10 secs?

maybe it was the weather since it does not rain like this in may... or it was the thought that these guys can continue this till their mother shout for them while i have to do silly errands and look busy... or maybe the frequency at which they were screaming... i give up i have no clue what this incidence was about

later i can deny that this emotion ever crossed my mind

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