29 Jul 2008

Why this country will never face a letter bomb threat

Let me explain. This is not a celebration of the excellent security system our country has. This has more to do with your friendly neighbourhood post office.

Have you ever tried to send something larger that tiffin box by parcel? I tried and realized why no one is trying to use letters to terrorize us.

First I went to the post office where I am a regular. I asked the guy at the registered post desk whether he would send a box full of medicines. He asked me what the box had. I opened it. He looked inside and checked each box. Then he nodded. And pointed behind. This was his way of telling me go to the larger post office in the same area.

I went. Still optimistic. At this post office the guy said - yes he would take it. I handed it to him. He looked inside. Tossed the items around. Any liquids? No. Then he gave the box back. I was surprised. You need to cover it with cloth. Cloth? White. Off white actually. And write the name on the cloth. Now where would I find a piece of cloth at 10:30 in the morning?

A couple of hours later, another post office. This one had a guy outside who packs the parcel for you. Great. But first you had to do the mandatory checks. Two people in the post office checked the contents. Again they tossed things around. Any liquids?

Then the guy packing the parcel gave me some expert advice. The contents cannot be moving. No movement. He put the thick packing tape and out came the cloth. Now he started stiching it. Round and round he went with his large needle covering the box. A couple of Korean tourists stopped to take photos. I refused to pose.

Now the final step. At the counter. Again the guy shook it and asked me - what is there in this?

No wonder the bombers give up every time...

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