23 Aug 2008

The Coffee Cup as a Seperate Entity

The first thing you notice in Amrika
is a people walking hurriedly with a coffee cup in their hand

However unlike in India
the cup is never held near you
it is always at an arm's length
as if you are holding a laptop or a child

It almost seems like you are telling
everyone who is approaching you
" Hey ! Please notice this cup in my hand !"
Just in case someone collides with you
the coffee spills and you get sued

Ordering a cup of coffee can itself be
an interesting experience
as this spoof would show

Just the amount of choices can frighten you
I cannot figure out how does this system work?
Do people really order all that stuff on a regular basis?

And when you tell them that you need milk
You are pointed to a counter with three choices of milk - skimmed, full and half&half !
Now you open the cup and it is filled to the brim
Now you proceed to dump some of it into the garbage bin !

However much you tell them there is always too much coffee...

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