31 Aug 2008

the fire

many a time
when you imagine
your worst fears

never figured in mine

that has always been
something warm
on cold winter mornings
a conversation starter

you play with
as a child
and your smoker friends
play with their lighters
at the back of the U Special

that light up the hallways
in adventure movies
fire would show
us the way

so was it case that night too
as it blew out from the window
it wanted to play again
did not care that you
have grown up now
or was it showing us another way
out of this world

i guess we will never know
since we put it out
the firemen had signed up for the war
we were too scared to protest

water was my only fear
now there is fire
how long before earth joins this list
and swallows me away?

(in memory of the fire we survived on 28th night)


Lopamudra said...

Big Big Hug for A and You, Mallu.

CoolMood said...

hey, what happened????

This peice is beautiful but I want to know what was the inspiration????

You have scared me! what happened?

Pink Jalebi said...

v v thankful a and you survived the absurd fun and games last week. good luck with the renovation, dude and please let me know if and how i can help.

p.s. "how long before earth joins this list and swallows me away?"

umm...let's just hope i don't beat you to it!

OilPastel said...

What fire?!
Great piece.
But what fire?

ifnotme said...

a real fire
in my bedroom
AC smoking

the next thing we know
water from hose pipes
as large as
assholes of assistant directors
in Bollywood
our books
you name it

now you are safe