12 Feb 2009

Things to do as recession bites

With President Obama having made a suggestion that top executives should only be allowed a salary of 500,000 dollars, there has been much debate in the US about how much money is actually needed for these families to maintain their lifestyles. This write up has a fun take on the expenses while living in New York.

Here no such salary restrictions have been suggested and even in these times people imagine that recovery is around the corner. But with layoffs increasing and what options do you have in cost cutting?

1. Shift to the suburbs
Rents will be lower and in any case you do not have to travel every day (You got fired, remember ?). But in Delhi this does not seem to make sense. In some cases, rents in Gurgaon are almost at par with south Delhi. In case you plan to move, think what you will tell people when they ask you at the next party - Where do you stay? Your answer is important how they place you on their social order. But then if you were already staying in Gurgaon what do you do?

2. Avoid your Coffee Shop
The next time you walk into Barista take a deep breath and count till ten before you decide to order. Instead enjoy it at home. If you need to have a meeting go to the nearest chaiwala. Nothing like a meeting standing up. It will be short and you will arrive at decisions faster. And the expenses will be loose change.

3. Walk
This one is fairly simple. You will save tons of money on fuel by doing all the small errands on foot. In addition no wasted moments trying to find parking space. In a week you will be in better shape too.

4. Collect change
I have often wondered how come there is always a paucity of change everywhere in Delhi. Anywhere you go you end up loosing 50p or a rupee. Start collecting change and carry it around . You will end up saving a lot better still approach paanwalahs and offer them tons of change at a premium. You will be surprised how many of them will take up the offer. And sell the old 10p & 20p to the guys at Daryaganj who deal in old coins.

I am trying out two of these. What are you doing to beat the reccession today?

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