9 Feb 2009

unfinished conversations

I dial the number again
And hear a strange voice
Some woman mumbling something
I wonder – Where are you?

I disconnect
And dial again
I know what you will say
Cross connections
Bad signals
That for the last two years you have been trying to get
The mobile company to boost the signal in the house
Actually the signal level around the
Corner chair where you used to sit
All the time
Railing against the world
The first time i met you you were complaining
To Radhika
And the last time
To me
sitting outside
after Sara's dinner

I remember the number
Its funny
So many numbers and figures
I have seen after that
This is one number I never need to remember
Store away on my mobile
Every time I want to call you
It comes back from that corner of my mind

I know you wanted to talk to me
You always had something left to say
The conversation never ended
You were shouting
Even as I left your door
It was always your door
How did you ever convince me that
It is always easier for me to drive to your place
Than for you to come to mine
Every time it was the same silly logic
And I would fall for it

I dial again
Thinking maybe this time
I will just let you talk
Not speak
Not contradict
Just listen

Now will you pick up the phone?


Jyothi Unniraman said...

Heart wrenching !

Dhanya Bala said...

Its horrid to lose a friend and at so many random moments you pretend they are back in your fold for they are the only ones who will truly understand. I lost my friend back in Delhi and so much of my life is wrapped up in her. Take care.

PS: Thanks for stopping by. Will try and keep it updated.

discursivethoughts said...

Suddu, that was deeply affecting. It has been so long that I remember only a voice that teased out warmth. When a party’s boozy debate grew into a pompous balloon, the voice was the most amiable pin. It was deep, smiling, always filling the room, always attracting other laughing voices….

mona mishra, jarina tingbo said...

Hmmm...Ramesh's phone has gone quiet. And he totally loves what u have written, and promises to call back real soon...

ifnotme said...

will be waiting for his call...

Shweta said...