2 Sep 2010

Where do you get good coffee in the city ?

With coffee bars coming up we have left the days when we had to line up at Nescafe stalls and drink strange concoctions they called coffee.

Of course we still have a long way to go compared to Paris or New York, but I thought since I spend so much time at such places let me think which are the one that I like.

South Indian filter coffee is best at Sarvana Bhavan at Janpath. Earlier (about 20 years back) I would go to Coffee Home but those were desperate days. If you like cona coffee, United Coffee House in the Inner Circle is a surprise. They serve the coffee in a round bottomed beaker (!).

When it comes to the new coffee bars I am looking for places where you can get good coffee consistently. This is normally not the case in any of the Cafe Coffee Day outlets. Either it is the coffee they use or their people are not trained properly. They do not understand "no sugar coffee" orders and are late with bringing the coffee to the table.

Barista does better with the IIT Barista having the best ambience. The staff is better trained and start recognizing you on your third or fourth visit.

The Green Park Costa Coffee is the best best for a random test. Almost anytime I have gone there the coffee has been good. Of course you still have to figure out the right size of cup to order since the prices are way above other coffee bars. Indians used to having small cups of coffee, the medium and large Costa Coffe is way too much !

Some time too much of a good thing is wasted :)

Which are your favourite joints for coffee ?


Life@60 said...

How about some home-made stuff ?

manythoughts said...

In Delhi, undoubtedly Sarvana Bhavan for good filter coffee. There's also Nevaidya in Kalkaji and Sagar Ratna, of course, where filter coffee is great. In Mumbai, Gloria Jeans is expensive, though great coffee. Haven't tried Costa yet, must do that sometime.