27 Aug 2010

How to be a 100% Dilliwalah (Suggestion No.11)

Take a deep breath.

And Curse.

Curse what?

Anything that comes to mind. Since the monsoons have extended their stay - curse the rains. Curse the roads. Curse MCD. Curse Delhi Metro (for digging up the roads). Curse the people traveling on the Metro. Never mind that you could also have taken it.

Curse the Delhi Government. Curse the Commonwealth Games. Curse the rickshawalah when he does not move out of the way. Curse the other motorists. Can they not stay at home?

Curse the farmers' who came to hold a rally in the city. Curse the kawariyas. But pray when you pass the Sai mandir.

Curse the MPs for voting themselves a pay hike. In fact go to office and threaten to quit if you are not given a big hike.

Never mind you did not lend the 100 rupees your house help wanted.

Take a deep breath again. Now you can spend the rest of the day in relative calm.

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