24 Dec 2010

We've got mail

The best test of whether you have settled into a new locality is when you get snail mail. Its only when your postman recognizes your address you have truly arrived. Courier walahs are very enterprising in tracing a new address. The postman is more conservative. If he does not recognize the address back goes your letter to the sender.

So yesterday we got our first letter. It came in an innocent brown envelope. I have always been wanting a small uncomplicated address. None of those convoluted Khasra No 118878/19899. Shifting to an urban village one had thought that one would have to now live with those numbers handed down from the 19th century land records.

Many cities in India still have two number for houses. Hyderabad used to follow this till some time back. One number was the older one that most people remembered. But the civic authorities had renamed the houses. So your address would carry both numbers :)

But our neighbours had already thought out this problem. They devised a simple address and each new house took on a new number and now there are four buildings that use this description.

And now the postman knows that new people have moved into the neighbourhood.


CoolMood said...

Looks great...but at least share the address to which the mail arrived!! :)

TK said...

So now as my dad says in Malayalam...the dude had an address

Life@60 said...

Yeh tera ghar yeh mera ghar

Yeh ghar bahut haseen hai.....

( At least from what it looks like from the picture )

S said...

Looks wonderful but I must have been really slow when I read this. Spent an inordinate amount of time zooming in on the first picture - trying to find the mail. I thought it was a picture of the actual mail dropped in by the mailman.

ifnotme said...

getting the mail was just an excuse to restart :)