28 Jan 2011

Dispatches from Aya Nagar 1 - Fearless Investigators

All of last month A's handle on GMail has been - Getting a new house has been like a getting a new life.

And so it goes. After the floods made the journey to the new home an Expedition to the Animal Kingdom, now the broken roads test the car shockers. Of course the neighbours - both helpful and more than curious. The strange sounds at night and early morning. The new friends you make - monkeys, peacocks you name it. These we were ready for.

So imagine our pleasant surprise when we got this with our morning newspaper. Now Karol Bagh has its share of funny promotionals (LAST SALE OF PRE WEDDING SEASON, INTERNATIONAL BRANDS AT YOUR BACK DOOR) but nothing prepared us for FEARLESS INVESTIGATORS.

The ad started off with - Are you worried about the future of your children and your family status?

I thought this must be a tuition or a private college but then why would they call themselves FEARLESS INVESTIGATORS?

Then - If YES, then Fearless Investigators will help you to relieve from the pain. Pain?
OK, this must be a hospital or a test lab for diseases.

Then it confused me further - If your children have fallen in love trap with the wrong person?
Who are these guys? Marriage Counselors? Or just regular shrinks? And more importantly, there are places in this world who can top K B in funny product flyers?

Further down it was revealed - India's first company that has been built to protect you, your family status and your children from few wrong persons...

Yes. Please click on the image to enjoy the full Monty.

The first official ad for a private Khap panchayat meets private investigators. And maybe they have a sister concern that assists in honour killings.

Welcome to Aya Nagar. The honour of my children will be safe here.

PS - I have left their numbers if any of you need them. Just in case.


Anandana said...

What if one isn't falling into a love trap? Will fearless, help other fearless? Ha! Ha!

Life@60 said...

Ha1 Ha! Wonder why they didn't think of it 40 tears ago !

t thomas said...

Now you know why Aya Ram became Gaya Ram...he had taken some family's prestige to the dogs and caught them in a love trap.

manythoughts said...

Whoa! I'm seriously worried now. Is this dispatch from the Jat capital of Delhi an ominous warning for the lovestruck?

ifnotme said...

@Anandana - fearless ? and not falling into a love trap :)
@Life at 60 - you mean tears or years?
@thomas - we do not investigate dogs
@manythoughts - welcome to Aya Nagar

jyotsana said...

Wow! Now thats a lesson in exercising your right to freedom of expression.... fearlessly!

Life@60 said...

Oops ,I mean years. A typographical error !

Aseem Gaurav Kujur said...

Good to find your post, funny, interesting. Looking forward to shifting to Aya Nagar 2.