3 Jul 2011

How to find God …

…the Maria Susairaj way

1. Become an actress

2. Get engaged

3. Travel to Mumbai

4. Find a lover

5. Get your fiancé to kill the lover

6. Go to the supermarket to buy a bread knife, an air-freshener, new drapes and two large duffel bags

7. Chop the dead body into pieces

8. Dispose the pieces in a forest

9. Get arrested

10. Plead innocence

11. Stay in jail

12. Leave jail since the court feels that 3 years 41 days is enough suffering for cutting a body up and hiding it

13. Find God

14. Share this news at a press conference

Repeat from 1 if not satisfied the first time.


Life@60 said...

How true. I too was horrified seeing her arched eyebrows and coy looks in the newspapers. Talk of women empowerment !

manythoughts said...

The way this case was treated says loads about justice in India, if we can still call it by that name. And this woman...she must have found God, otherwise where's she getting all that nerve from?

Blue Fish said...