27 Feb 2012

Dispatches from Aya Nagar 4 - Guitar + Ishpoken English

So this flyer falls out of the newspaper announcing itself.

I am thinking what could be the possible connection between Guitar and English? Will they teach the rules of grammar as they strum the guitar ? Or are all the songs going to be in spoken English? And what hell is spoken English?

Given below were Sunday Church Timings. Church?

So you are going to learn Guitar and English in the house of God. There was separate time for kids too.

This looks like a sure fire way to attract the boys. Guitar and English would be a deadly combo to get the attention of girls. Take it from the guy who only knew English in college. The guys who played the Guitar were streets ahead on coolness quotient.

But God I am not sure.

At this point A pointed out to me that she joined up a religious group once because the monk who turned up at the first lecture was good looking :)

Let me first go to their FB page and like them. Then I might just give them a call.


manythoughts said...

If this were an FB page, I would have hit "Like" on your post :)

sudhesh unniraman said...
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sudhesh unniraman said...

adjusting to village life has its joys :)

Life@60 said...

An interestiing village-life !