16 Mar 2012

The 8pm curfew

Even as people are up in arms with the 8 pm curfew for women allegedly suggested by the Gurgaon police to prevent rapes, I have a simpler idea.

What about an 8 pm curfew for men in NCR?

Yes. Men.

With that kind of a curfew there would a huge reduction in crime, jaywalking and anti social behavior. Not to mention triple riding and broken noses.

The rule would be that all men should reach home by the aforementioned time or should be on the metro getting back home.

Men could still man police, security and essential services but women would replace them over the next year. After all if only women are allowed to be on the streets after 8pm then we would only need women to protect them. Right?

Men would get home prepare dinner, tuck their kids into bed, and watch sans bahu serials waiting for their wives to arrive. In the morning they could wake up early, get the kids ready for school and leave for office. Since most would not know how to cook, there would a transition period where on Sundays their wives and girlfriends would teach them.

Women would wake up leisurely and report to work late. The idea is to prepare everyone for a two-shift system in the long run.

Men would work mornings and afternoons. And then get back home to take care of domestic things. Women would stay out late and party.  Since most establishments now work two shifts this would suit them. Sarkari offices in any case do not work beyond 4 in the afternoon.

We could try this out for five years and review if there is a drop in crime and whether our cities have become safe for women.

What say?


Life@60 said...

Absolutely hilarious !

Abhishek Vijay Makhija said...

Super Idea!!
Where do I sign up?

sudhesh unniraman said...

@Abhishek - am guessing you must have suggested something like this earlier during a discussion at home ?

Think Tank said...

Can they also wear dhoti kurta's please? So as not to incite our lust.

sudhesh unniraman said...

@think tank - will have to check with the Police :)

Nidhi Khurana said...