7 Aug 2012

Three Characters in Search of a B grade Film

After you push through the crowds of salivating men and curious women and finally sit down, you are thrown into a world unlike anything you have seen before. You are struck by the genius behind this film.

Jism 2 should actually be named Jism 3. Here we have 3 characters who are living out stories in 3 different films. Each time they come on the screen they seem to acting in another movie. Their acting styles are so different that this looks more like a training film for actors. There is the ONE EXPRESSION character, the BOSOM HEAVING IN ALL SCENES character and I AM PLAYING A CELLO TO MASK MY OTHER DEFICIENCIES character. Of course one film can only teach you that much about acting.

So who are these people ? One is an intelligence officer who finds true love and is destroyed by it. Another is a lovelorn musician with the generously endowed (musical) instrument who is a closet patriot and is betrayed by his lover. The third is confused woman looking for love. Finds it. In two men. She kills one of them and is shot by the other. 

When one hears of the term suspension of disbelief Jism 2 will be put up as exhibit A for this year. Of course this being August I am sure that we might see another film which might better this one. This story goes like this. Woman meets Man. They make love. Man tells her he is an Intelligence Officer. Wow ! Talk about opening up on first night. He has a mission for her. She asks for 10 crores. They fly to Sri Lanka. Don't ask me why.

Enter musician with large instrument. Woman realizes that he is former lover who had run away. And how. After making love he had slid his hand from under her head, taken his bag and disappeared. Leaving her alone. With her micro minis. And over sized pumps.

So she starts the honey trap number. And shows up in the same micro minis. And pumps. He starts spouting urdu shayari. Which she does not understand. But they turn each other on. Not to be left behind the Intelligence Officer joins the merry go round. After many nude torsos and bare backs everyone is dead.

Some time in the future Jism 2 would become a cult classic. There will be studies on the film and someone would do a Phd. One can always live in that hope.

Watching the reaction of the crowd in Patna, I felt that the filmmakers had actually delivered what the audience wanted. They wanted to see THAT WOMAN WHO DOES PORN MOVIES. And they get to see ample. After all this was single screen hall in Patna and people had shelled out upwards of 150 bucks to watch the movie in a dingy theatre. The women were also there to check out the male bodies on screen. There was a lot of that too. They were smiling when they left since they had lived part of their fantasies in the dark.

And how did I feel when I left the hall ? One character in the film says - Jo aadmi sochta hai woh kal kush hoga, woh kabhi kush nahi hoga. And I thought - Wow ! What a line! Brilliant dialogue. Wait a minute. I am watching this film and I am not happy right now. But will I happy tomorrow? No. Can I ever be happy? Now that I have seen this film?

I am still dazed and looking for the answer.

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