9 Jan 2008

a year of blogging - what have i learnt ?

Well almost a year. This should have been written in December...

1. It does NOT pay. Those guys who are making the big bucks are few and far in between and wanted to do that in the first place.

2. Opens up your mind. Yes. Yes. Yes.

3. Write regularly. On last count I have averaged almost 2.5 blogs per week here and 1 blog a week here. But please only write if you have something new.

4. Keep it short. Although i have not followed this well. Look at this one.

5. Edit. Cut. Spell check. Edit once more.

6. Write about something others might respond to. See how many comments i got for this one.

7. When in India, write about Bollywood. Not once but many times.

8. Have a pet peeve that you can flog again when you run out of ideas.

9. Keep writing while traveling. Anything you find interesting, others will too.

10. Write Top Ten Lists.


Anonymous said...

this is very useful Sudesh; specially for the likes of me who have strated the blogging journey and ran out of steam. And the Metro Blog you are doing is really smart, chronicles the metro from the pov of a user; can turn it into a book sometime later. cheers, mona

ifnotme said...

where is your blog??????